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Why Avenue South Residence left me wanting for more

Avenue South Residence offers the experience of a lifetime to its residents. The residential property was developed by the UOL Group, along with its sister companies, the Kheng Leong Company, and the United Industrial Corp.

The main site is exquisite and is just a short drive away from Outram Park Belt and Chinatown. This makes it even more appealing to residents and has especially left me impressed and excited about the residential development’s surrounds.

The location is perfectly thought out and is situated along Silat Avenue, which is directly connected to major roads, such as Jalan Bukit Merah and Kampong Bahru Road. The residential development is also surrounded by countless amenities, boasting with views of the heartlands’ estate, including Tiong Bahru and Telok Blangah.

Apart from its shopping facilities, the development itself has an incredible design and entertainment options that will blow your mind. These include the Clarke and Outram Shopping District, which are two of the most popular shopping destinations in Singapore.

What makes the condominium so special, is also the fact that the building itself is iconic and is a 99-year old development. It offers amazing views of the Southern Waterfront. If that isn’t enough, Avenue South Residence also offers incredible views of Orchard and the Ganges Roads. The area itself is considered one of the most prime in Singapore, with the buildings towering over the city’s other buildings.

Why Avenue South Residence Left Me Impressed

Singapore is well known and adored for its incredible buildings and developments, but Avenue South Residence particularly has something unique to offer.

It offers an experience of a lifetime. There’s an exclusivity about Avenue South Residence that just doesn’t compare to any other. With a tenure of only a year short of a century, its 245,975 square foot site area has plenty of excitement and expectation that awaits, to say the least.

The Experience Avenue South Residence has to Offer

The residential development also includes 1074 units and an impressive 56 stories, which only leaves one imagining about how good the view looks from the top.

The condominium units range from one-bedroom to five-bedroom apartments and are perfect for families of all sizes. One of the condo’s biggest attractions, is its simplicity, translating the idea of how incredible it is to live in this magnificent skyscraper-like building.

The units are strategically placed with efficient airflow and ventilation. It provides perfect views, which is designed to face landscaped gardens, along with the sea and unblocked vistas leading to the city.

Amenities surrounding the residential condominium development, furthermore, adds to its endearing popularity. It is located towards the end of the popular Jalan Bukit Merah Road, starting from Queensway and leading to Kampong Bahru Road. These roads include many well-known commercial and industrial buildings, such as Connection One and Rubicon offices, the public Bukit Merah Library, primary schools, and Bukit Meral Central.

Finally, what impressed me the most, is the development’s design. It includes roads and transportation services that will literally make your life easier, the best educational facilities for your children, and is located close to popular amenities such as the Orchard Shopping District, the Southern Waterfront District, and South Marina Bay.

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Can a serviced apartment be ‘Artistic?’ – Look at Riviere Condo

According to Global Waterfront Report by Knight Frank Property, which measures the premium a water property generates in key cities around the world, has shown has unlike in the past, owning a prime waterfront property has less to do with its transport or agricultural value, and far more to do with the lifestyle that it affords and iconic views that comes along with it.

The report has studied and shown that among the 4 waterside types of property (mainly, Harbour, Beach, River, Lake), River facing properties command a 36.8% premium over its counterparts comparatively. Riviere is literally wrapped around the bank of the river, thus having more than a single view of perspective for this project.

Reference Article:


Water has also a global appeal, the river flow produces negative ions which boosts energy with research concluding that it has significant health benefits. Especially in Chinese or Asian buyers, water is more than a mood enhancer or view just nice to have. It plays an overly increasing role due to Feng Shui (shui translates to water), and this is one of the foundations in Chinese buyers decision making process.

Water is anonymous with food, growth, prosperity, and fortune. Which are all good things to have. But it is important that this water body be slow-moving. Not rapids-river speed, or stagnant pond of water. Riviere is also elevated above and water, and it also is positioned in a winding section where the pace of flow is slower. Fast moving streams are often avoided in the Feng Shui contect and that may suggest that wealth is rolling away.

Conservation Status of Riviere Facility

When Frasers Property took over the site at Jiak Kim Street, it has it eyes on the three conservation warehouse. With its address being 17, 19 and 21 Jiak Kim Street, it was built since 1919! This gives this triplet warehouse a history and heritage of 10 years! It achieved conservation status in 2014, with its previous owner bring Zouk Nightclub.

Conservation-status buildings in our small city state are by and large rare, and being able to own a part of history and heritage is a rare opportunity. This is not primary but it will only age fine and well, the older It is, then the rarer and more valuable it becomes.


In the property buying mantra we all know, its location, location, location. However in Singapore where the objective of our Government is to build enough MRT lines and stations such that 80% of our population is within 15 minutes walk, this mantra becomes even more important and pronounced!

What a better way to invest in a property that has an UPCOMING station? Great World City station is currently not open yet. As with historical trends, condominium apartments and projects usually enjoy and appreciation in price when the MRT opens its doors and become functional. This will be the right time to enter Riviere.

Mixed Development (Serviced Apartment)

Mixed development status projects are especially rare in Singapore. Within the prime districts of 3,8,9,10,11, there is only a handful that we can count. Most commons are likely residential-retail for example North Park Residences or Park Centris in Jurong. Riverwalk apartment can also be considered although its pretty old and its shops are specialty shops instread of the run-of-the-mill retail shops.

What is so special about Riviere is that its mixed development status is a partnership with a serviced apartment. WHAT! This is extremely rare, and we will expect this to help elevate the premium and value of Riviere.

The residents of Riviere can also enjoy the services of the Serviced Apartment! It already has confirmed that shared services for the concierge and housekeeping will be extended to the residents of Riviere. It also boasts a very affordable maintenance fees for such a new, big, iconic and beautiful project.

Riviere is now open for private viewing, if you are interested to come for a non-obligatory tour of the showroom, please register via the website or call 63879196 for our sales associates to attend to you.

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Public look at Amber Park Singapore

It is quite glaring that every market has been threatened by the outbreak of Covid-19, but the real estate is arguably the most affected industry. Let’s go ahead and analyse how the real estate industry has evolved during the pandemic, with Singapore as the focal point.

In Singapore, The Lockdown has affected the business of top Singapore real estate projects. Examples include Riviere, and Amber Park Showflat. Their revenues as well as customer volume were negatively affected.

The effect of COVID-19 has been quite enduring and was more experienced in the second quarter of the year than in the first quarter. There is a massive slump in the industry, as yearly investments reduced by 32 percent during the first half of the year. However, the real estate industry is evolving, as market leaders are harnessing various measures and new technological trends to keep the market afloat.

Indeed, the pandemic has instigated the worst financial breakdown in the Singaporean real-estate industry since 2008. The economy experienced a melt down between April 2020 and June 2020 when the lockdown was enforced. As a result of this, the real estate industry’s year on year returns crumbled by 39%.

Results of the latest data from JLL indicate that Singapore and Hong Kong are the most affected Asian countries. During the first quarter of 2020, the volume of real estate investment in Hong Kong dropped by 65%, whereas, Singapore experienced a whooping 68% drop in the second quarter of this year. This is a significant drop compared to last year’s performances.

The housing subsector was at the front line of the impact, as the sales of the property in Singapore fell by 55% in April compared to the figures in March. Meanwhile, it is apparent that the drastic drop is as a result of overseas and internal travel restrictions.

The ravaging impact of the pandemic prevented customers from visiting estate properties that interest them.

The challenge is huge and might sweep some parochial companies into oblivion. However, estate developers in Singapore have employed various strategies in ensuring that they remain in business. Digital innovation has been the order of the day, and this has brought about virtual viewing of properties by interested investors. Due to the pandemic, these estate developers have updated their online portals, allowing investors to carry out virtual peeps into the properties on their computers and mobile devices.

Affinity at Serangoon had earlier announced the closure of her showrooms between April and the first week of June, but they later opened their doors for visitors in June, while ensuring that virtual technology is put in place. Compared to other developers, Companies with virtual reality capabilities are attracting more patronages than those without.

Just like Affinity at Serangoon, Amber park and Riviere developers are obeying the preventing measures strictly. As we speak, interested investors can only be allowed entrance into the facilities after booking online. From home, would-be investors can have a clear view of the various condominiums and units before booking for a physical visit. The developers are ensuring crowd control, social distancing and controlled access to the facilities. Truly, there is a new face to the real estate economy

The world has revolved and the post-COVID-19 period will see changes in the way the real estate industry is run.

The coming of the 5G technology and Artificial intelligence will put the icing on the cake. Virtual reality will be adopted by a plethora of housing and estate developers. Of course, the virtual reality can showcase enormous information to interested investors, and can attract leads even more than videos and pictures.

There are massive uncertainties, and experts are predicting that the impacts of the Pandemic will linger for a long time. However, investors will be more optimistic during the second half of the year, and technological innovations will play a key role in facilitating productivity.

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A re-look at post-covid Singapore Real Estate Investments

The novel covid-19 has taken the whole world by storm and dragged everyone into panic-buying. Financial and investment predictions have been quashed, sending investors into a puzzling array. The pandemic has penetrated virtually all countries in the world. Businesses were put on a standstill, as movements and socializing were restricted. However, buying and selling of essential items was still invoke. Like every other sector, the real estate industry has not been left unscathed. No one can predict when this pandemic will end and when the economy will revert to normalcy.

In Singapore, a plethora of real estate investors are on the lookout for crises-buying of properties.

But, is it advisable to put your money on the line by investing in a real estate property during this wavy time when the global economy is unstable?

Affirmative! But only if you discover the real estate investments that are stable and profitable during this pandemic. Despite the ravaging effects of the pandemic, some real estate projects have showed the green light and are quite promising and profitable. For instance, the Affinity at Serangoon project, Avenue south residences project at Singapore have showed glimpses of stability and profitability. Affinity at Serangoon within the period has announced the complete sellouts of their heritage units. However, their peak and horizon choice units are still on sale.

A plethora of investors would prefer to wait and see the economic trend before buying a property. Meanwhile, buyers will be attracted to buy if the property is sold at a profitable price and at a nice location. Of course, this is applicable to resold and newly-launched properties. Singaporeans are already in the property market, as lots of developers are very sensitive to the prices of projects. Estate property companies have received massive requests from interested investors who have made enquiries about the pricing and other important information about the units. There is additional information as per the heritage, peak, and horizon units. There are updates in the prices of the various bedroom apartments in Avenue south residences.

These developers have made giant strides in securing the lives and futures of their clients. They have put the necessary precautions and preventive measures in place. They take turns in screening visitors and ensuring that they complete the health declaration form. More so, booking and other procedures are done with social distancing in mind. Customers, investors, and other consumers are organised in small groups.

Sequel to the relaxation of total lockdown in Singapore, real estate companies have adopted innovative strategies in their operations. Affinity serangoon gives room for virtual bookings, presentation of units that are on sale, pricing information’s, etc.

Customers are allowed into the facilities and showroom after booking an appointment. A showflat viewing time slot is assigned to all buyers to curb over crowding. They have efficient mechanisms for implementing contact tracing. If you intend to see these facilities, then you have to go along with your face mask.

A peep into their prices indicates the inevitability of profitability in investing in the condos at Affinity serangoon.

Certainly, economy in the post-covid world will take a different turn, and acquiring a stable property at this time will turn out to become one of the best decisions for any investor.

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